The Best Play Parks in Jyväskylä

Photo: Tero Takalo-EskolaPhoto: Tero Takalo-EskolaPhoto: Tero Takalo-EskolaPhoto: Tero Takalo-Eskola

Photo: Tero Takalo-Eskola

Summer and play parks belong together! Fast slides, great swings, playing in sand, and climbing frames invite to enjoy active freetime. All told, there are more than a hundred city-run play parks in the area of the City of Jyväskylä. Below are some nice parks to head for when the urge to play takes over.

The Mäki-Matti family park

The traditional Mäki-Matti family park is perhaps the best-known play park in Jyväskylä. It is situated next to the Harju ridge about 1km from the city centre. The spacious park has lots to do for small toddlers and for a bit older speedsters as well. The sand areas, the swings, the slides, the Indian tents, and the pirate ship are guaranteed to keep children active!

On weekdays, the toy sheds and houses of the park are open for public. The WC’s, playrooms with their toys, and a kitchen for meal times are available indoors. There is also a barbecue area in the park for preparing one’s own packed lunch or for taking a summer picnic pause too. The café, also open on weekdays, has soup lunches and various treats available.

A wide range of events and fun activities are organized at the Mäki-Matti family park in summer.

Oikokatu 7

The Puistotori activity park

The Puistotori activity park right in the city centre is a handy place to drop in with children in the middle of a day spent shopping for example. Also known as the “Train Park”, its main draw is a fun train that invites to play engineer or conductor.

Puistotori 1

The Emännäntie activity park

The Emännäntie activity park in Kortepohja near Laajavuori has lots of space for running around, and its wide variety of slides invite for easy or somewhat wilder rides. The park also features several groups of seats for staying and for enjoying a packed lunch.

Emännäntie 18a

The Viitaniemi traffic park

The Viitaniemi traffic park is in top gear on weekdays. Jump behind the wheel of a pedal car, choose the right lane, and get going! The park has cars of many sizes for drivers of various ages and a few two-seaters for a child and a parent to drive together. For toddlers, the park has cars that their parents can tow behind on a string. After taking some curves on a pedal car, it is nice to head to the nearby Viitaniemi beach for a swim.

Eeronkatu 11

The Kangaslampi activity park

The Kangaslampi activity park has things to do for children and grown-ups alike! The lush park has a wide range of playing gear for children, including various climbing frames, slides, and swings. Accessibility has also been taken into account. In the Kangaslampi park, grown-ups do not need to settle for standing by a sandbox as the park features a number a gym instruments for adults. There is also a parkour park in connection with the activity park.

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